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SPR - NEW VIDEO School Psychology Review Editorial Board Meeting now available

By Shane Jimerson posted 03-10-2021 15:29

The SPR Editorial Board Meeting from March 9, 2021 is now available on the SPR YouTube channel.

Featuring exciting and informative updates regarding the efforts, initiatives, and accomplishments of School Psychology Review.

Hosted by Editor-in-Chief Shane Jimerson @DrJ_ucsb
Topics: Gratitude, Updates, Recognition, #SPRBeTheChange
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The SPR Leadership Team


Shane R. Jimerson

University of California, Santa Barbara

Senior Editor

Jamilia J. Blake

Texas A&M University

Senior Editor

Gary L. Canivez

Eastern Illinois University

Senior Editor

Dorothy L. Espelage

University of North Carolina

Senior Editor

Jorge E. Gonzalez

University of Houston

Senior Editor

Amanda L. Sullivan 

University of Minnesota

Senior Editor

Frank C. Worrell

University of California, Berkeley

Associate Editor

Prerna Arora

Columbia University

Associate Editor

Scott L. Graves

The Ohio State University

Associate Editor

Francis L. Huang

University of Missouri

Associate Editor

Stacy-Ann A. January

University of South Florida

Associate Editor

Tyler L. Renshaw

Utah State University

Associate Editor

Samuel Y. Song

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Associate Editor

Cixin Wang

University of Maryland