From Hype to Hope, an Editorial on the power of social media

By Caryn Darwin posted 05-03-2019 00:29


Sometimes it seems the more technologically advanced society becomes, the more HOPELESS, backwards and less evolved we are becoming.  It is estimated adults spend at least two hours per day on social media and children and teens spend up to a whopping six to nine hours consuming social media daily according to a recent report from Common Sense Media.  Society today is filled with HYPE perpetuated by the dawn of the reality show era and social media and the hope to portray oneself as more happy, industrious and successful than in actuality.  Living like the “Jones’s” (no offense to the Joneses of the world!) has developed into a narcissistic, conflict ridden, self-aggrandizing world stage that portrays an altered reality to people who are largely unimportant and uninvested in our daily lives. 

Has reality lost touch with reality?  Have we lost hope in human connectedness and truth? Do we subscribe to the belief that instantaneous success and a of couple “likes” on our social media is more valuable than making an impact on the world? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy perusing on social media, observing my “liked” posts, sharing funny and menial updates about my life and experiences also, and social media is a powerful tool when used appropriately to promote, advocate, and share positivity and to keep up with friends and acquaintances one may have lost touch.  Further, reality shows have created countless millionaires and allowed others to see glimpses into the shared lives of others to foster dreams and pique curiosity. In my opinion, oftentimes this type of voyeuristic society has beckoned the age of demonstrating volatile and irresponsible behavior for “likes” versus spreading positive messages of hope, happiness, and true accomplishment. Social media is a tool that can be used just like a hammer; it can be used to build a beautiful home for a family or as a murder weapon to bludgeon someone to death.

I’m proposing we utilize our personal and social media platforms to discard the HYPE and to focus on HOPE3; HOPE3 to encourage connectedness between children and families, HOPE3 for our communities, HOPE3 for our future.  The type of HOPE3 that makes us take responsibility and ownership to perpetrate tenacity, and lift up our brothers and sisters regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or other demographic variables. The type of HOPE3 that fosters conversations between allies and adversaries alike to promote the greater good. 

How can this type of HOPE3 be perpetuated?  That’s the message I wish to share with you in my book Breakthrough featuring Dr. Caryn Darwin.  Breakthrough is a compilation of short stories from twenty-two authors who share inspiring, uplifting, and motivating stories about their lives and overcoming obstacles.  Through personal narratives, the Breakthrough’s purpose is to provide relatable messages of HOPE3 and perseverance to global audiences.  My goal in writing the book is to share my journey of perseverance, faith and HOPE3 that anything is possible!  Hope is not only a longing, it is taking action by believing that deep desires are possible!

In my book I introduce the idea that HOPE3 is an acronym that means Helping Ourselves Prosper through Evolution, Excellence, and Enjoyment and by helping others achieve the same ideals.  HOPE3 is a characteristic that can carry people through the most difficult times in personal and professional lives, in building relationships, and fostering dreams! Hope fosters resilience and resourcefulness and allows people to see that everything they need to be successful and to achieve their dreams is already inside of them!  HOPE3 also attracts the people and experiences that can catapult people to their next breakthrough! As Hebrews 6:19 states, HOPE3 is an anchor for the soul. Without HOPE3, one will drift aimlessly through life, but with HOPE3, one can claim the most remarkable, expansive and extraordinary victories that could defy current human imagination. As a self-proclaimed “HOPE3 Broker” my message is that everyone with dreams pursue them with all their might and not become distracted by negative influences in the “real world” or on social media and that their anchors of HOPE3  keep them grounded in might and resolve with every single journey.  Never lose HOPE3!




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very well stated.

05-08-2019 11:44

Rock on!