Practicum Students

By Paul Vespo posted 11-02-2017 00:07


Hello everyone,

This is a blog specifically for school psychology graduate students that are currently in a practicum - please feel free to talk about your experiences, specific counseling techniques that you find beneficial, etc.  Look forward to hearing from you all!

Paul Vespo
NASP Student Leader
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY

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Paul Vaspo,

I am a Practicum student in San Diego (California), and I fortunately am doing my hours with the BEST School Psychologist I this region!  He allows me to "learn from doing" and allows me to "learn from minor mistakes." At no time are any students in any kind of risk.  This mentor has a future beyond that of being a school psychologist and that would one of being an excellent professor!  I learn everyday with the students and from this professional!